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We just returned from providing physical therapy services for the US Freestyle Ski Team at the Toyota Grand Prix World Cup 

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Madison Physical Therapy & Consulting, LLC is the only physical therapy provider in Madison to have worked the United State Olympic Committee. We utilize state of the art technology and research supported treatment options to get you better faster!


Madison Physical Therapy and Consulting uses a broad tool box of manual therapy techniques. We have trained with the top manual therapists from around the world.


Techniques used may include: 


-Maitland  manual therapy: The Maitland approach looks at a patient centered assessment and treatment of signs and symptoms to develop an efficient treatment plan.  We respect the diagnosis while addressing the underlying pathology or contributing factors.


-Joint mobilization: This technique uses a lower intensity pressure to restore joint mechanics.


 -Joint manipulation: This uses a high velocity thrust to restore joint mechanics. This is sometimes associated with an audible 'pop' or 'crack' sound. 


     -Tiffany is trained in Maitland, Cyriax, Kaltenborn, McKenzie, Evjenth, Mulligan, and         osteopathic joint mobilization and manipulation techniques.  


-The McKenzie Method: This approach utilizes a system of diagnosis and patient management with acute, subacute and chronic conditions of the spine and extremities. The McKenzie method is most known for its simple yet effective approach to managing disc injuries. 


-Mulligan technique: Mulligan therapy techniques endorse mobilization with movement. This is a more active technique with the ultimate goal of improving movement restrictions, decreasing pain, and improving overall function. 


-Muscle energy techniques: This manual technique uses very light muscle contractions to normalize joint motion via muscle relaxation and lengthening. 


-Neural mobilization: Your nerves are constantly working carrying messages from your body to your brain. They are analogous to the engine on your car or the hard drive to your computer. Inflammation, compression, or traction injuries can affect your entire nervous system. Nerve flossing or gliding is a gentle way to restore your nerves and surrounding tissues back to health. 


-Soft tissue mobilization: There are various techniques incorporating massage principles. Myofascial, suboccipital, and trigger release release are techniques we utilize. 


-Stretching: Various techniques can be utilized for stretching tight muscles, fascia, or joints. Contract/relax, sustained hold, strain/counterstrain are all examples of this. 

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