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We just returned from providing physical therapy services for the US Freestyle Ski Team at the Toyota Grand Prix World Cup 

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Madison Physical Therapy & Consulting, LLC is the only physical therapy provider in Madison to have worked the United State Olympic Committee. We utilize state of the art technology and research supported treatment options to get you better faster!


Madison Physical Therapy is the only local physical therapy facility involved in clinical research and international publications. 



Some Clinical Prediction Rules for Physical Therapy Treatments to get you Back on Your Feet Quicker!: 

Physical Therapy Rule to Treat Spinal/Low Back Instability: 

A Clinical Prediction Rule for spinal stability demonstrated great success with lumbar strengthening for those meeting 3/4 or more of the following criteria: 

    -Age under 40

    -Straight leg raise testing > 91 degrees

    -Aberrant motions of the lumbar spine

    -Positive prone instability test


Physical Therapy Rule to Treat Neck pain: 

A clinical prediction rule for thoracic manipulation showed 86% success rate for those meeting 3/6 criteria: 

    -Symptoms less than 30 days

    -No symptoms below the shoulder

    -Looking up does not aggravate your symptoms

    -FABQPA score <12

    -Decreased thoracic kyphosis

    -Cervical extension Range of Motion (ROM) < 30 degrees


Whiplash associated disorders

Ankle Sprains

Frozen Shoulder

Knee pain and Hip Strengthening. The two ARE linked!

Achilles Tendinitis or Tendinopathy

Plantar fasciitis


For hot topics related to physical therapy, staying active, varying diagnoses, treatment ideas,  Madison Physical Therapy recommends this site:  







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