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We just returned from providing physical therapy services for the US Freestyle Ski Team at the Toyota Grand Prix World Cup 

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Madison Physical Therapy & Consulting, LLC is the only physical therapy provider in Madison to have worked the United State Olympic Committee. We utilize state of the art technology and research supported treatment options to get you better faster!


Madison Physical Therapy & Consulting is proud to offer trigger point dry needling as an effective method to treat pain and muscle soreness. Dry needling results last significantly longer massage and with fewer treatments needed to resolve the problem. The needles are extremely fine and solid and are typically painfree upon insertion. The needles are left in long enough relax the muscle, this is different for each individual. The number of needles utilized in a session, depends on how much pain you have and the amount of areas needed to treat the problem. Some mild sore can sometimes occur after dry needling, but by the next day there should be significantly less pain and muscle tightness. The effect on chronic  pain and injuries can be huge! Dry needling is frequently used to treat

-Joint or muscle pain

-Muscle stiffness


-Iliotibial Band Syndrome

-Achilles issues

-Plantar fasciitis

-Low back pain


-Neck pain 

-Muscular tension

-TMJ Disorder

-Shoulder pain

-Golfers or Tennis Elbow

-Other nagging injuries which don't resolve via other methods of treatment 


Sessions typically needed for dry needling?

At Madison Physical Therapy & Consulting, we believe dry needling is best coupled with joint mobilization, soft tissue work, IASTYM or other services to address the root of the problem. We don't typically just needle the tissue in 5-10 minutes and send you on your way. Dry needling alone is unlikely to address the contributing factors which caused the problem to begin with. We believe in treating the problem area and the source of the symptoms.  Aggressive dry needling with repeated pistoning of the needle can actually cause further injury and pain to damaged tissue. At Madison PT,  we can typically resolve your pain complaint in 3-4 visits depending on the number of sites involved. There is no billing or CPT code for this service and it is a self pay option of $75/session. Dry needling when done effectively is the best treatment you can have to accelerate healing. 


Our Dry Needling Portfolio: 

Team USA

NFL football players

Crossfit Games Athletes

Professional guests of the Madison Opera

UW Whitewater Athletics

Pro Cyclists

Desk Jockeys

Work Injuries

Chronic Pain or Injuries



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