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No Referral Required



We just returned from providing physical therapy services for the US Freestyle Ski Team at the Toyota Grand Prix World Cup 

We specialize in musculoskeletal, automobile, motorcycle, sports and workman's compensation injuries. 

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Madison Physical Therapy & Consulting, LLC is the only physical therapy provider in Madison to have worked the United State Olympic Committee. We utilize state of the art technology and research supported treatment options to get you better faster!


Do I Need a Referral? 

Madison Physical Therapy does not require a referral for scheduling. You also have the right to choose your physical therapist, your physical therapist is your choice. 


Insurance & Billing

We accept most insurances and will bill your insurance company as a courtesy.  When choosing your physical therapist, we recommend you also research your insurance coverages such as co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles prior to establishing care. Most insurance companies have a website you can verify in network facilities or you can always call the number on the back of your insurance card. 


Co-payments are due at each visit. For your convenience we accept cash, checks, Visa,  MasterCard, flex savings accounts and health savings account. 


We are legally required to bill you for the full amount of each treatment until you have met your deductible. We are also legally required to collect all co-pays and co-insurances. If you have paid charges to other providers that were not yet posted when your insurance was verified, a refund will be issued when your insurance company’s explanation of benefits (EOB) indicates a refund is due.

Outstanding Balances

All balances are due within 30 days to avoid interest charges. Please understand that in some cases, insurance companies can sometimes take weeks or months to process explanation of benefits.  We  offer payment plans in the case of outstanding balances or in the case of insurance denials. 

What to Ask Your Insurance?

Please document these answers when you call your insurance carrier. We are happy to upload the answers into patient's electronic medical records for storage. 

1. Is Madison Physical Therapy and Consulting an in network provider? (we are happy to provide you with the clinic or provider NPI)

2. Have I met my deductible? Or how much is left to meet the deductible?

3. What is my co-pay or co-insurance for outpatient physical therapy?

4. How many visits of physical therapy are covered per year?

5. Is prior authorization for outpatient physical therapy required?

6. Call reference number. This is important for you to document in the case in which you were given incorrect information. While this rarely happens, if your insurance falsely verifies you, having this call reference number will expedite resolution of the error. 




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